The Inter Pod - Episode 58 - The one we didn’t want to record

February 19, 2018

Ben and Saif discuss a tough loss in Genoa. Is it possible for Inter to turn this nightmare around? The guys preview Saturday's clash with Benevento and answer all your questions to finish off the show. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 57 - The one where we lost our guest mid-show

February 12, 2018

Ben, Mark and Saif are joined by a special guest. Youssef Amin hops aboard to discuss the game against Bologna and look ahead to the weekend trip to Genoa. Unfortunately technical difficulties stop the guys from chatting all about Lautaro Martinez but they still manage to finish off the show answering all your questions. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 56 - The one before Palacio scores on Sunday

February 6, 2018

Ben and Mark try to find some positives in what is now one of the worst runs in Inter's history. After reviewing Crotone, they look ahead to Sunday's vital fixture with Bologna. We round off the show by answering all your questons. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 55 - The one where Ben wanted Materazzi back

January 29, 2018

Ben, Saif and Mark digest another stomach churning result for Inter. The guys try to think of solutions as they look ahead to Saturday night versus Crotone. All your questions get answered in a bumper last section of the show. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 54 - The one after Roma

January 22, 2018

Another week when Ben and Mark are left scratching their heads as to why Inter haven't won. Mark returns from San Siro to give his opinion on the 1-1 draw with Roma. The guys look ahead to SPAL and as usual end the show by answering all your questions. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 53 - The one where we discussed everything

January 15, 2018

Ben and Mark are joined by a surprise guest as Sia returns as the guys preview this weekend's big game. After discussing Roma they move on to the mercato and answer all your questions. Sit back and enjoy a bumper episode of the best Inter pod out there. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 52 - The one after Fiorentina

January 7, 2018

Ben and Mark review all the best and worst bits of Inter's trip to Florence. The guys discuss the latest mercato news and all the other goings on surrounding Inter. The episode ends as usual by answering all your questions.




The Inter Pod - Episode 51 - The one before Valero returns to Florence

January 2, 2018

Ben and Mark start 2018 by looking back at the draw against Lazio. The guys discuss the best moments of another rollercoaster  year whilst trying to figure out how Inter can win in Florence. They finish the show with some Mercato chat. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 50 - The one where Inter finally lost a game

December 18, 2017

Ben and Mark discuss Inter's first league defeat of the season. The guys think about what needs to happen before Sassuolo, give their predictions and as usual take a look through all your questions. Sit back, relax and enjoy this bumper episode before the Christmas break kicks off. 


The Inter Pod - Episode 49 - The one from the Sewers

December 11, 2017

Ben and Saif discuss all the fall out from Saturday nights clash in Turin. The guys look ahead to a mid-week Coppa Italia fixture and Saturday's game against Udinese. They finish the show off asking all your questions.